Field, Presentation, & Marketing Mobile Apps for SketchUp


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Field, Presentation, & AEC Mobile Apps for SketchUp

Our suite of Augmented Reality products for Trimble SketchUp pre-visualizes buildings, materials, fixtures, and more, using a mobile device to enable professionals to effectively communicate scale and context. Our users close deals faster and avoid costly construction delays by bringing designs to life in a real-world context.

Watch your designs come alive in their environment with SightSpace 3D, Pro, and View.

  • Save Time: Reduce miscommunication between design and execution by easily conveying ideas and avoiding costly mid-project revisions
  • Close Deals: Virtually walk through a design, on-site, prior to (or during) construction to aid in client purchase decisions
  • Save Money: Reduce delays and check for errors during construction

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SightSpace 3D

Fast and Easy Mobile Visualization for Trimble SketchUp with SightSpace 3D

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering

Render on with cloud with Shaderlight for Trimble SketchUp

SightSpace View
SightSpace View

Turn any SketchUp model into a mobile Augmented Reality experience

SightSpace Pro
SightSpace Pro

Upgrade to a powerful SketchUp-to-Field mobile tool.


Powering Augmented Reality with the VYZAR toolkit

Mobile: SightSpace for SketchUp

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SightSpace 3D

Experience a field and presentation tool for Trimble SketchUp. Download now for Apple and Android.

SightSpace Pro

Unlock the powerful features of SightSpace with a Pro subscription.

SightSpace View

Turn any SketchUp model into a mobile Augmented Reality experience.

Products and Services

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Shaderlight Cloud Rendering

Send SketchUp scenes and animations to our powerful render farm and free up your computer.


Custom development of mobile apps and Ruby scripts for SketchUp.

Mobile Apps

License the VYZAR Augmented Reality toolkit, experience social Augmented Reality, and more.

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