SightSpace 3D Testimonials

SightSpace 3D Testimonials

Great video of SightSpace 3D on the Galaxy Nexus.

-- sigmode21 (SeaGate) YouTube channel

See a demonstration video of the viewing capabilities of SightSpace 3D made by TATUKI in Japan.

-- TATUKI Architects & Associates YouTube channel

See a sample video of the Augmented Reality capabilities made by one of our SightSpace 3D Customers.

-- SightSpace 3D Customer Bimtek8

See what the SketchUp Team has to say about SightSpace 3D.

-- Official SketchUp blog

Sightspace 3D is a great addition to our design and sales workflow. Sightspace 3D is not just an app but a deal maker.

-- Tim Sharples, Partner, Cedar Nursery

SightSpace 3D is the "missing link" in the project viewing experience!

-- Mike Lucey, Architect, M.D. SketchUcation

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