Recent Events

Recent Events

Recent Events

AEC Magazine
Nov 27, 2014
30 of the best mobile apps for BIM
Greg ranks SightSpace 3D as a top mobile app for 3D visualization.

Mar 26, 2013
Ultimate iPad Guide: Site Survey, Analysis and Visualization for Architects
Anthony ranks SightSpace 3D as a top mobile iPad app for professionals looking for visualization tools.

Mar 21, 2013
Ultimate iPad Guide: Modeling and Rendering Apps for Architects
Anthony ranks Shaderlight Cloud Viewer and SightSpace 3D as top mobile iPad apps for architects.

Jan 11, 2013
Michael talks about the launch of our VYZAR augmented reality platform at CES 2013.

AR Dirt
Jan 11, 2013
Augmented Reality CES Review
Joseph discusses the VYZAR augmented reality platform from CES 2013.

Jan 10, 2013
Paula features the use of our Augmented Reality technology for virtual gifting.

CES 2013
Jan 9, 2013
Our VYZAR Augmented Reality technology launched at CES 2013 and is a featured launch.

International Business Times
Jan 9, 2013
CES 2013: Augmented Reality iOS And Android App Showcases 3D Mobile Tech
Lisa gives an overview of our VYZAR Augmented Reality technology that launched at CES 2013.

Canadian Business News Network
Jan 8, 2013
Augmented Reality at CES 2013
Our President and Vice-president talk about mobile Augmented Reality and cloud in this TV interview.

Apple Magazine
Jan, 2013
Limitless Computing to Feature Augmented Reality Entertainment at CES 2013
Laura highlights our mobile apps and Augmented Reality technology to be presented at the CES 2013 show.

CES 2013
January 8-11, 2013
We will be showcasing our mobile technologies at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.
Visit us in LVCC, South Hall 2, #25813 to view our mobile Augmented Reality.

Offical SketchUp Blog
Dec 12, 2012
A recap of SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2012
Aidan summarizes SketchUp Basecamp and highlights our Augmented Reality presentation featuring SightSpace 3D.

Bonnie&squot;s Blog: 3D Design for K-12 and Beyond
Dec 3, 2012
Free version of SightSpace 3D model viewer available
Bonnie highlights the launch of SightSpace Free-D, the free version of our popular SightSpace 3D mobile app.

Nov 28, 2012
Free version of SightSpace 3D model viewer available
Anthony at Architosh covers the release of our new SightSpace Free-D product.

Trimble Dimensions 2012
November 4-6, 2012
We attended Trimble Dimensions in Las Vegas, NV.
View a recap of Trimble Dimensions 2012 convention in Las Vegas, NV. Three days of all things Trimble.

Nov 2, 2012
Interview with Limitless Computing Inc. President, Dr. Errin T. Weller
Our president spoke with the archiCADmonkey blog about augmented reality and cloud rendering.

Trimble SketchUp Basecamp 2012
October, 2012
We presented SightSpace in a special Augmented Reality for SketchUp session
Here is a recap of SketchUp Basecamp with our presentation on Augmented Reality for SketchUp.

Daily Camera
Sept 24, 2012
5 QUESTIONS with Limitless Computing President Errin Weller
Our president spoke with the Camera last week about her companies efforts in the augmented reality field and where the firm is headed.

Architect Magazine
Aug 1, 2012
Cloud Sourcing
Wanda says "Instead of waiting overnight for models to render, designers can expedite the resource-draining process by capitalizing on the cloud’s computing power through Shaderlight Cloud Rendering."

CRE Apps
July 18, 2012
Top 3D Apps for iPad/iPhone
CRE places SightSpace 3D as one of the top apps for 3D visualization.

July 4, 2012
Shaderlight brings SketchUP to the Cloud!
Mike is excited about the launch of our Shaderlight Cloud Rendering service for SketchUp.

June 28, 2012
Rendering software, printing solutions, and more were on display at the AIA National Convention and Design Exposition.
Nancy talks about our recently launched Shaderlight Cloud Rendering service and interviewed our friend Martin with ArtVPS.

June 26, 2012
6Sight Intelligent Imaging & Augmented Reality
Limitless Computing’s Jeffrey Franklin Participated in the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference Panel on Intelligent Imaging & Augmented Reality

Calgary Science
June 19, 2012
Significant Historical Events using Capzles and Augmented Reality
Dan and Jody talk about applications for our SightSpace 3D mobile app in education.

Architosh Award
May 25, 2012
Architosh awards 1st "BEST of SHOW" awards for AIA National
Anthony says "Shaderlight deserves recognition as the first cloud-based rendering solution for Google’s popular SketchUp rendering program."

May 23, 2012
AIA: Shaderlight Cloud Rendering launched
Anthony visited our booth at AIA 2012 and gives a nice overview of our upcoming Shaderlight Cloud Rendering service.

AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition
May 17-19, 2012

Limitless Computing had a booth across from Trimble SketchUp where we previewed Shaderlight Cloud Rendering with the Shaderlight team.

Shoestring Ventures
Mar 19, 2012
Mobile Augmented Reality with SightSpace 3D by Limitless Computing
Dr. Errin Weller discusses the start of Limitless Computing and the launch of Augmented Reality and SightSpace 3D.

Design and Technology
May 2, 2012
SightSpace 3D App for SketchUp
Liam’s blog for education discusses the features of SightSpace.

PMA Newsline: DIMAcast
Feb 23, 2012
On the DIMAcast: Futuristic Photography With Limitless Computing
Paul Worthington interviews Dr. Errin Weller and Jeffrey Franklin on the possibilities of Augmented Reality provided by SightSpace 3D.

Mobility Digest
Jan 12, 2012
Augmented Reality Comes to Google SketchUp on Android
Kristofer Brozio from Mobility Digest talks about our SightSpace 3D augmented reality mobile app.

archiCAD monkey
Dec 1, 2011
the archiPad : mobile CAD in the Post-PC era (Part 1)
Apollo from the archiCAD monkey blog talks about many mobile tools for CAD users including SightSpace 3D.

The Professional Learning Journal of the Calgary Science School
November 2011
Augmented Reality in the Wood Shop
Dan McWilliam from the Calgary Science School uses the Augmented Reality capabilities of SightSpace 3D to visualize student wood creations.

The Punxsutawney Spirit
Nov 23, 2011
Inner Circle presents proposed improvements to Gobbler’s Knob entry
A Penn State landscape designer and instructor, Mike Mohney, presents the Groundhog Club Inner Circle proposed enhancements at Punxsutawney Phil’s Groundhog Day home and the location where fans and guests enter Gobbler’s Knob.

Google SketchUp Japan
Oct 18, 2011
Google SketchUp Japan, SightSpace 3D and AR
The Google SketchUp Japan team talks about the augmented reality capabilities that SightSpace 3D brings to Google SketchUp.

Google SketchUpdate Blog
Aug 26, 2011
SightSpace 3D: A SketchUp iPad Viewer with AR
Gopal from the Google SketchUp team talks about our newest product, SightSpace 3D, the first and only mobile Augmented Reality application for Google SketchUp. He says "SightSpace 3D’s killer feature is the Augmented Reality (AR) viewer, which gives you the ability to overlay 3D models onto the physical world."

FormFonts 3D Models
August 22, 2011
SightSpace 3D App for SketchUp
FormFonts covers the launch of SightSpace 3D and Augmented Reality for SketchUp.

Aug 11, 2011
SightSpace 3D: First Mobile Augmented Reality App for Google SketchUp
Levent talks about our brand new SightSpace 3D mobile app and Augmented Reality.

Press Release
Aug 11, 2011
Limitless Computing Launches First Mobile Augmented Reality App for Google SketchUp
Limitless Computing announced its newest product, SightSpace 3D, the first and only mobile Augmented Reality application for Google SketchUp. It is available now on the Apple App Store.

June 3, 2011
SightSpace 3D developed for SketchUp on iPad
Anthony discusses the possibilities of our upcoming SightSpace 3D augmented reality iPad 2 App.

AIA 2011 National Convention and Design Exposition
May 12-14, 2011
Booth #3509 in the Software Pavilion
Limitless Computing had a booth in the Software Pavilion across from Google SketchUp where we gave an exclusive preview of our upcoming SightSpace 3D iPad 2 App.

AEC Magazine
Jan-Feb 2011 Issue
AU 2010 - The exhibition hall
Limitless Computing was included in an AEC Magazine article about new cloud technologies at the AU 2010 exhibition hall.

Autodesk University 2010
December 2010, Las Vegas, NV
Booth #1217
At Autodesk University 2010 we had a booth introducing Fast Revit® Rendering to Autodesk University.

AIA New Technologies, Alliances, Practices (NTAP)
November 2010, Washington, DC - AIA National Headquarters
The Benefits and Limits of Cloud Computing
In this 7 minute presentation, Jeff Franklin gives a brief introduction to cloud computing. He includes a concrete definition of "the cloud," including cloud computing and how architects can apply these concepts to their firms.

Denver Revit Users Group
February 2010, Denver, CO
Introduction to Rendering in Revit®
This approximately 50 minute presentation gives an introduction to rendering in Revit®. Covered concepts include how to get more photorealistic renders by utilizing entourage, lighting, and faster rendering.

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